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 My Commitments to Our District

1. Charity Commitment:  I pledge to donate my entire salary for November and December each year to different charity organizations within our district. These organizations will be chosen by a community vote, ensuring that my contributions directly reflect the will of the people I serve.

2. Monthly Town Halls: I am dedicated to holding monthly town hall meetings. This will be a platform for open dialogue, allowing me to hear your concerns, ideas, and feedback directly.

3. Community Service:  Twice a month, I pledge to engage in volunteer community service. These efforts will be personal and private, with no media coverage, ensuring genuine engagement with our community needs.

4. No Corporate Donations: I firmly pledge never to accept any donations from corporations. My campaign and service will be fueled solely by the support of individuals and the community.

5. Open Door Policy:  My office will always have an open door policy for the constituents I represent. Your voice is crucial in guiding my actions and decisions.

6. Transparent Voting: After every bill vote, I will provide a clear and detailed explanation of my decision. This transparency ensures you always know where I stand and why.

7. Limited Terms: In commitment to fresh perspectives and dynamic representation, I pledge not to serve more than six terms in office, equivalent to two terms for a U.S. Senator.

8. Team Diversity: I pledge to build and maintain a diverse team, reflecting the rich variety of backgrounds and experiences in our district.

9. No Stock Trading: While in office, I will not trade or invest in any stocks, ensuring that my focus remains undivided and free from potential conflicts of interest.

10. Post-Congressional Ethics: After my service in Congress, I pledge not to work for any lobbying firms. My career path will reflect my ongoing commitment to ethical and transparent governance.

11. Independent Voting: I pledge not to be a 'rubber stamp' in Congress. My votes on legislation will always prioritize the benefit of the people I represent, rather than simply aligning with party lines.

These pledges represent my unwavering commitment to serve with integrity, transparency, and a deep connection to the needs of our community. Together, we can build a brighter future for our district.

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